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When renting a Power2Impact powerbank, of course you want to know how much you have to pay. So, we will show you the price for renting our powerbanks!

Renting timePrice
30 minutes free! Download the App and registerFREE
First 4 hours0,50€ p/h
4-24 hours1,99€ total
From 2nd till 7th day1,99€ per day
7 days: the powerbank is yours! 15,99€
price renting a powerbank

Price renting powerbank

When you first register to our App to rent a Power2Impact powerbank, we give you 30 minutes free! After that, for the first 4 hours you pay 0,50€ per hour. If you decide to use the powerbank for the rest of the day, we also give you that for free. Because you pay a maximum of 1,99€ per day. For those who keep the powerbank for more than 7 days, we consider the battery bought and charge you 15,99€. The battery can be charged at home and used as a regular powerbank.

Secure payment

It goes without a doubt that we work with a secure payment provider. When you register with the App, you also have to provide your creditcard or debitcard details. We use them to charge you for the powerbank rentals. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact us!