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Power2go presents the solution to charge smartphones on the go

Power2go presents the solution to charge smartphones on the go

power2go charge on the go

The solution to charging a mobile on the go is now available at more than 25 points in Barcelona and is growing every day. The battery stations from Power2go can be found in places like bars, restaurants and hotels. Rent external batteries was never that easy.

The innovative solution is designed to ensure that a smartphone never runs out of battery. Without mobility limitations or having to stay put at one place. Power2go offers a network to rent external batteries (powerbanks) with the sharing model. The objective is to offer an easy-to-use service to charge on the go and respect the environment by sharing resources.

Battery sharing model with advertising support

Power2go is a Spanish startup and the first in Spain that combines the model of “battery sharing” with advertising support. Co-founder and managing director, Sergi Arnal, explains: “The advertising screen at the station is an interesting for advertisers to promote their products. In addition, it is a way to reduce the cost of battery rental for users. At the moment we are deploying the stations in Barcelona, ​​and we already have expansion plans.”

Power2go is the Bicing of portable batteries

The service that Power2go offers is simple and similar to the services of shared bike rental and motorcycles. Just by downloading the App, one can enjoy the services to charge the mobile wherever and whenever. The App is available for both IOS and Android. The battery stations also offer instructions for use. In addition, Power2go offers customer service in Spanish, Catalan and English.

How to charge on the go?

Once downloaded, the App shows the nearest station. One can just take a battery, charge a smartphone and return the battery at the same station or one the user prefers. Customers enjoy the advantages of mobility and having the mobile phone on them while charging. The batteries include cables for iPhone, Micro-USB and USB-C, so nothing additional is needed. The price is only € 0.5 per hour, with a maximum of € 1.99 per day.

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