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DOOH: Digital advertising opportunities

Find out about digital advertising with Power2impact

Power2impacts is the new Digital Out-of-Home advertising and Battery Sharing Operator in Barcelona.

You can find us at local establishments like bars, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, and at the biggest events and festivals.

DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) + Battery Sharing = power2impact

We offer an efficient tool to improve engagement. Suitable for startups, local small companies, big brands, and advertising agencies.

Innovative Media Advertising Opportunities

Advertising possibilities

Video advertising at prime locations

  • Video on our 10’’ LED screens
  • 720p quality
  • Duration from 30 sec to 4 minutes, rotated during the day
  • Located at visible places
  • Reach both locals and tourists

Your video will play on the screens of your choice during the working hours of the establishment

advertisement opportunities

Other advertising options

  • Free charging: Offer your clients free charging with a promo code
  • Branded Battery Stations: Place your logo or branding to the station
  • Branded Batteries: Place your sticker on the side of our portable batteries
  • Branded App: Place your logo at the welcome page of the Power2impact App

We can make a personal advertising plan and special sponsorships marketing campaigns in Smart Cities, meeting your wishes and needs.

Prime locations

The battery stations are located at more than 50 establishments in Barcelona. And this keeps growing every week. Where can you find us? At restaurants, bars, hotels, coworking spaces, supermarkets and nightclubs (coming soon).


Digital advertising prices

  • The pricing starts from 1€ per video rotated during one day at 1 location
  • SPECIAL CONDITIONS for advertising agencies and partners
  • EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES – developed individually according to your brand needs
  • Various options to support Big Events and Festivals

Tower model

Check our new model ‘Tower’ with a 32” screen. Attendees can charge for free and be grateful for that. And sponsors can create an emotional connection between their brand and users.

Invite us to your event!

Battery Sharing Service

How does it work?

When the battery of a smartphone is running low, our users open our Power2impact App and find the nearest location to rent a portable battery. They can then charge on the go and return the battery at any location that has a free spot.

We are Bicing for smartphone charging, with DooH advertising capabilities.

Reach your target group

Catch the attention of your target audience when they are relaxing and open to receive your marketing message.
We combined the battery sharing service with advertising capabilities for you.